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UthandoNesthembu: Viewers left breathing fire with what Mseleku did to Makhumalo last night


Viewers were left heartbroken and breathing fire with what Mseleku did to Makhumalo. After all she did not make herself to be infertile bevause she has always wanted children of her own. For Mseleku to use that as an excuse to take another wife is really cruel, it's really heartbreaking for MaKhumalo because she is left feeling like she not a woman enough for him. I wonder why Mseleku doesn't just get a surrogate for MaKhumalo, using her fertility problem as an excuse to take another wife is sneaky and low.

Makhumalo said she doesn’t want a surrogate. She said she’d rather love someone else’s child than to have her own child carried by someone else. MaKhumalo did suggest a surrogate, Musa is the one that refused he even suggested taking a Khumalo wife so that the older wife's house doesn't get destroyed. I think matters of surrogacy, infertility etc are very sensitive so one solution can make sense to one person but it might not appeal to the next person. I just hope they find one that works for them. Infertility is an incredibly unfortunate thing to go through.

What I don't understand is why she accepts such low treatment, what's broken. She has been humiliated way too many times in this arrangement, it's uncomfortable to watch. He's crushing the poor woman, arrogance at its worst. That's really heartless this whole thing got no Love, just a man priving with money you can get anything you want. I feel for her really. As for same surname.

It might be a coincidence to meet "Makhumalo the girlfriend" and wanting children from her because MaKhumalo the wife can't bear children but it's insensitive. Mseleku has money, they could've opted for surrogacy or other procedures. For the fact that he want to replace Makhumalo with another lady from Khumalo is very heart breaking, imagine being replaced while still alive just because you can't bear children. It's no coincidence Musa said it with his chest he will go out and find a woman wakwa Khumalo to bare him children because Makhumalo can't.

If Mseleku really wanted to protect MaKhumalo’s legacy, why would he not involve her in his steps to achieve that? This man is a controlling and manipulative sfebe and he has allll the justifications in the world. He is so hurtful. And he’s always trying to make it seem like he values culture over everything. Please which culture entails being a whore that walks all over his wives’ emotions? Help me understand.

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