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The new AirPod Max by Apple inc.

The new Apple AirPod Max come in an enclosed bra look alike case that is so soft to the touch.spotting a metal frame with a mesh at the top right and 6 built in microphones, these sure do scream luxury honey. Now you may have some questions about these and I’ll try to address some of the most common questions you may be having. Are these better than the AirPod pro’s? The answer is definitely yes. These are worlds apart in terms of sound quality and experience. Since they have a metal frame as part of their design one can not obviously wander as to whether are they then not heavy. These are surprisingly not that heavy , you can absolutely have them on and not feel like you are carrying a heavy brick on top of your head. The maximum volume is so loud and I must admit that as a person who loves high audio when listening to music I was surprisingly overwhelmed by the maximum volume from these, I swear I felt my ear drums shake. Now the sound quality on the other end is out of this world, be prepared to hear sounds on some of your favourite songs that you ain’t ever heard before.The bass sound from these is honestly so breathtaking, the bass lover are definitely in for a treat. With these AirPods one honestly gets to appreciate the presence of different sounds and how they all add different elements to the sound of the song.

These also have the sound cancellation technology and what that basically means is that they mute or cancel out any background noise or sounds that come from your nearest surrounding environment. This technology is honestly top notch and to put it to test I set my television set on maximum volume whilst streaming my music from Apple Music with these AirPods , and honestly the only thing I heard the entire time was my favourite song from the AirPods.The 6 built in microphones I believe some how played an important role on the sound quality when receiving or making calls, I made a call in between music listening and the quality of the call was so clear. No muffled sounds from both mine and the person on the other end of the call, this is so convenient especially now that most people are having to work from home more often because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now you maybe wandering about some of the cons, and well I do have a few. These AirPods don’t have an on or off button, to switch them off you have to place them back into their casing. There’s also not much to their visual display be it on your IPhone, IPad or any other Apple device. Would I chose these over Beats by Dr Dre, Sony MX’4? The answer is no. These will be more appealing and will be appreciated by people who are some what obsessed with having the synchronised system between Apple products. These retail for nothing less than R10000, a bit pricey but I have to admit that these are not meant to be affordable but to be the best and offer a luxurious expensive .

Also Apple has The AirPods Pro and these are more affordable so I’ll have to say they do cater for almost all of their target market .

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