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Protect Yourself From Scams Involving Counterfeit Websites

As the festive season and Black Friday sales approach, scammers are on the lookout for gullible individuals to take advantage of. We have seen so many cases of people being scammed their hard earned money on social media, it's high time that we educate and equip ourselves with skills that can be used to evaluate the legitimacy of e-commerce websites


Findings from FortiGuard Labs

After being involved in an investigation, this intelligence platform has uncovered a lot fake e-commerce websites that use an array of products and services to lure customers. They've narrowed down their focus to investigate scammers that use the names of the world's largest companies as a front to do their dirty work. Here's a list of those brands:

— Nespresso

— Coleman (camping gear)

— Blink (Amazon)

— Nu Wave (home appliances)

— Oculus (Facebook)

Protecting yourself from fake websites

If you are used to online shopping, the stakes of becoming the next victim are high. It's possible that a website by a reputable company can be cloned and made to look exactly the same as the original one. By doing this they can steal your payment information or even your money if it's a direct payment method.

— At the top of the corner, there's supposed to be a locker to indicate that the website is using an encryption. If there isn't one, don't share your banking details.

— The domain name must not be dodgy and include extra characters. You can always enquire with the shop in subject to find out their official website url.

— Be aware of any grammatical errors and inconsistencies in statements. This should be a huge red flag that will guide you.

— Is the websites IP address anonymous? If you go to your settings and click on "sites" - IP addresses of the websites you have visited will show, if they don't, you should raise your eye balls.

We really hope that you've leant a thing or two about protecting yourself online. If you still have any questions don't hesitate to ask via the comments section below, we'd love to engage with you. For updates on this story and more, click the follow button and be notified when we publish new articles daily. 

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Black Friday FortiGuard Labs


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