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Dear Men, You Should Never Do These 3 Things When Your Woman Is On Her Period

As a matured man, there are some words you shouldn't say to your girlfriend while she's on her period. Some certain things you say can add to her pain, in other not to add salt to an injury. Please minimize the kind of things you do during that period.

In this article, I will share with you three things you shouldn't do to your girlfriend when she's on her period.

1. Don't tell her to clean any stained cloth.

As a matured man, you should understand that during this critical time in a woman's life, it is usually difficult to control the flow and the pains. However, it is a little bit harsh to tell your woman to clean any stained cloth, you should show her love by doing it for her.

2. Don't make love to her:

Although ladies feel more comfortable making love during their period flow, However, it is not medically advisable because it can expose you to many infections. As a man with high standards, please don't make love to your woman during her period.

3. Don't leave her alone:

Surprisingly, during this time, ladies prefer to be alone, but keeping her company is not also a bad idea. While keeping her company, make sure you massage her tummy and tell her a lot of funny jokes for her to forget the pains.

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