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Passion Java Insult Chamisa saying, he will never be a president

Passion Java received a lot of insults from people after he said the statement about the president Nelson Chamisa saying, people must just stop fooling themselves, he's not going to be a president.

No matter what people do, no matter the support that he will get, Passion said Chamisa will not be a president.

We know that this guy is a puppet of ZANU-PF, he is being used by Emmerson Mnangagwa to win the hearts of many young people around, but yet we know that Zimbabweans would be foolish to vote ZANU-PF back into power again.

I believe that if Zimbabweans can't help themselves now by turning the tables against ZANU-PF, there will never be another time. They will always be their gods, they will always brainwash them. They will always be enslaved to the way that ZANU-PF is operating. The party that has got it detecting style of leadership, the party that is full of people that are corrupt.

So it is time for a change, I hope that most of the Zimbabweans support this guy. Most of the people that are supporting the ZANU-PF, they don't know what they're doing, they are supporting the looter of Zim economy.

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