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Watch: The ANC are having a bad campaign here is another reason why

It is clear to see that the ANC are having a bad campaign, as things don't seem to be going their way. People seem to be angry at the ANC for some reason and this may affect them in winning local government elections.

If the ANC has any hopes of winning these elections again they will need to do something in order to win the votes of the people. The ANC hopefully are aware of the things that are happening currently as people seem to be angry at them.

We see yet again in this video how angry people are, as community members threw stones at the ANC members. These community members could have seriously injured the ANC members, but they seem to not be bothered when they threw them with stones.

However this is not the correct way the community members did, because if they wanted to get back at the ANC they should have done that at the elections by not voting for them rather they throwing stones at them.

The elections will be on the 1st of November 2021 and the ANC will be very hopefully to winning these elections. But it will not be easy though for the ANC to win these elections, as their competitors like the EFF and the DA seem to be doing well in their campaign.


The ANC will find it hard to win these upcoming elections, as they seem to be losing the trust of people. The ANC will need to do something that will win the people's votes again or else they will lose these elections. 

To watch the video of the angry residents throwing stones at the ANC members click on the link below.

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