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Garden of Eden: Eve Did Not Eat The Apple, Here is The Whole Truth Finally

In Eden's garden, Adam and Eve were initially naked. Thus, we are all aware of the consequences of two opposing sexes being in that position.

However, you were aware that this term would be hidden. Because the Bible presents particular facts in the form of parables, and few people comprehend the biblical text's actual message.

Generally, the act of intercourse is not unpleasant at all. Therefore, if there is a conviction following this act, it is because there are unavoidable reasons and laws that must be followed prior to initiating a relationship.

However, because God created them pure and unadorned, I had no suspicions at the time that the Devil anticipated a reaction from which a normal man or woman could sense that he did not. Do not be afraid to convince them to engage in immoral behavior. Then God expels Adam and Eve from the garden and curses them.

Thus, the issue is not with the "apple" or the connection they engaged in, but with who they eventually followed. Bear in mind that God forbade Adam and Eve from eating the apple in the first place. The Devil then appears to them and lies to them on the same subject.

And when we are unfaithful, we have a shortcut that does not imply that our work or goal is inadequate.

Adam and Eve counseled the Devil against having a relationship, which is detrimental. Today, we're discussing marriage prior to sex. And thus, marriage can imply that we obey God prior to entering into any relationship, and that marriage is a step toward trustworthiness.

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