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Julius Malema Sends a strong message to an Afrikaner Advocate

Julius Malema Sends a strong message to an Afrikaner Advocate

Date: 2021/10/07

We all know how Julius Malema hates white supremacists, his idea of life is that the Africana advocate Jacobus Strydom should apologize for his role in prosecuting anti-apartheid activists back in the day, also late in the future when they were just fighting for their rights and to walk easily in the continent it belongs to them.

Malema will not let this go to rest even though he told the guy it's his choice to do so, he's using reverse psychology to try and get to the bottom of this matter and get this man behind him. Malema believes that he is fighting for the small people that are being looked over by the system and a white Monopoly capital.

The sad truth is that nobody is better than anybody, in the world that we living in all people are alike two hands two legs and ahead if you have left the government to compensate you, but that does not mean you are less fortunate, but since we watch a lot of television and the internet we believe that they are ranks to these things where something is more superior than the other which is an absolute lie.

Maybe Mr. Malema has a point that he has to fight for whatever he believes he's fighting for, yes life is a little bit complex when it comes to certain situations but it is things that we can all work on to become better individuals for the future, we have reached a stage where human beings have been working for 2000 generations, after Christ so it does mean that we are the lucky ones compared to the ones in the past, but since you are social creatures there are social standards to everything so that is better to follow Julius, if that's your calling or to follow the ANC if that's your purpose but at the end of the day it is the same thing the problems will not change the Solutions will remain the same.


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