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Well Known Politician Sent An Alarming Letter To President Ramaphosa & Minister Of Finance

The leader of the African Democratic Movement(UDM), Bantu Halomisa have recently announced that he has sent a very alarming letter to the offices of President Cyril Ramaphosa and Minister of Finance Dr David Masondo. Halomisa sent a letter to the offices in question following allegations of possible corruption and mismanagement at the offices of the Development Bank of Southern Africa(DBSA) elated to threw tenders that were issued in 2017.

Halomisa said he had been approached for assistance by a whistleblower who was worried about the level of corruption at DBSA and how the bank has allegedly been turning a blind eye. He told his followers that this was not the first time hear rumours of possible corruption and maladministration at the offices of DBSA and that is one of the reasons he finally decided to take a stand by writing a letter to the presidential and ministerial offices, there is no smoke without fire after all.

The three tenders in question were issued in 2017 concerning a company known as Murray and Dickson(M&D), there are allegations that M&D paid bribes to some of the officials at the DBSA to be chosen for the three tenders that were issued 4 years ago. In a nutshell, M&D did not meet the requirements for the tenders and when the DBSA found out, they turned a blind eye.

Halomisa’s letter is aimed at informing but also forcing a reaction out the president of South Africa and the Minister of Finance and that is basically what Halomisa is all about. This is not the first time Halomisa decided to send a letter to a ministerial office, he once sent a letter to the offices of the minister of Justice and correctional services following the allegation that some workers of the department have not received any salary increase in 3 years.

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