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The ANC Messed Up Our Beautiful Country Mzansi Reacts After Seeing This

A huge stir was caused on media by an individual who posted these images and wrote that the ANC messed up our beautiful country. Some people are even failing to recognize these places due to the drastic change.

Roads are the arteries through which the economy pulses. By linking producers to markets, workers to jobs, students to school and the sick to hospitals, roads are vital to any development agenda. It lends more for roads than for education, health and social services combined. Potholes are aggravating to drive over, they can cause billions of dollars of damage every year to automobile wheels, tires and suspensions.

Pollution is one of the major problem faced by people, it is unhealthy for people to stay or shop in a polluted environment. Such things can also cause a business to lose its consumers, because people will judge the business by its surroundings. It is quite frustrating for people to see a place which was once neat and appealing turn into a dungeon. It is in the responsibility of the government to provide recycle bins, but citizens also have to play their role by not throwing waste on the ground.

Human sewage is another source of water pollution. If untreated sewage gets into rivers, microorganisms decompose it. Such matters should be attended to when they arise, its not something to ignore or delay. Some people do not have tap water, thsy fetch water straight from the river. You can only imagine what the toxins in that water does to their health and they drink because they have no choice.

Railway stations are still in bad conditions, people who are assigned to ensure that all is going well are not doing their jobs. There's a lot of incompetence and it is not being dealt with. People are struggling to travel on a daily basis due to government failure.

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