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Herman Mashaba revived Jozi financial status and managed to bring in 17 billion investments

DA's strategy is that since all these small parties desperately don't want ANC to govern, the DA will just field a candidate and hope the ANC also fields and in the end these parties are forced to choose between ANC and DA and they'll choose DA without any coalition agreement.

On the other hand Malema is not saying that Mashaba can't chase illegal foreigners who are messing up our country. What he is saying is that his conscious does not allow him to do it , therefore, he is giving you a mandate to do it. Go in bed with EFF.

B Holomisa is well known for telling TRUTH as it is. It's not only DA who hate MASHABA all the so called BIG parties are scared of HIM. Not knowing that they RECRUIT for Him by doing so.

2024 MASHABA might win elections because he is HATED for FIGHTING for needy SOUTH AFRICANS

ActionSA people acting as if they have the majority of the votes in Jhb, with their 16% they must either back DA or ANC candidate. That "Mashaba delivered in JHB" nonsense, he was under DA, that was DA policies not his or ActionSA, why would DA sacrifice all for a small party.

The DA just lost another 20 seats 2 ActionSA when the hung council has to be re-elected.. Jhb residents don't want ANC & Mashaba turned down an ANC Coalition.

DA is a snake, why coalition forged ahead while dealing with serpent? By-election is a way to GO LET'S leave DA alone.

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