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Gqeberha in big crisis as Somalians roam around streets with big riffles

Gqeberha so black people fought whites, now it’s foreigners. Hope y’all see how everybody wants your country and start adopting the American mentality. Bayalifuna izwe lenu high and low.

In Phoenix it was for the so called "protection" of their property, in Gqeberha what will they be calling this recent turn of events.

There are things you do and there are things you do not do.. It's unfortunate that the group that burnt those taxis in Gqeberha will realize this.

You aware that innocent citizens will die. You so cold in your heart thinking human life is movies and cheap. I hope no family member of yours is in Gqeberha.

Our country is gone , finished , it’s over for South Africans bcz taxi drivers were our last line of defence. What happened in Gqeberha is very dangerous in terms of our internal security.

Cyril gave them the right to defend, his words was damaging, I hope those taxi drivers and owners rid of them totally, it is a! where in the world have foreigners so much power.

What's happening in Gqeberha is enough reason why we should NOT vote EFF and ANC. Terrorism in front of our eyes.

Gun shots, shops ++ 10 taxis set alight in Gqeberha.. Thank god for the name change that brought about better service delivery and dignity otherwise this would have been far far worse.

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