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OPINION: Do This To Smell Attractive When Going On A Date

On a date, everyone wants to smell seductive. With a few spritzes of perfume or cologne, aftershave, or scented body lotion, you can smell sexy. Once you've decided on a scent that suits your budget and personality, apply a small amount after showering.

1. Consider using perfume or cologne.

On a date, perfume and cologne can help you smell seductive. Choose a perfume that is within your price range and makes you feel seductive. Visit a local department store's perfume counter to sample several different types of perfume.

If you want a strong, concentrated scent, go with perfume or cologne.

2. Consider using scented lotion.

Lotions are another excellent way to add fragrance. They also have the added benefit of keeping your skin moisturized. Apply scented lotion to your chest, neck, and wrists in a quarter-sized amount. If you want a stronger scent, you can apply scented lotion all over your body.

A scented lotion is an excellent way to add a subtle, seductive scent to a date.

3. Select a seductive scent.

Certain scents are considered sexy by some, while others are considered less seductive. Avoid strong florals, powdery fragrances, and dessert-scented fragrances. Instead, choose a seductive scent such as musk, citrus, jasmine, or oud.

4. Inquire about your significant other's preferences.

Inquire about the fragrance preferences of the person with whom you are going on a date. If you're going on a date with your girlfriend, ask her what kind of aftershave or cologne she prefers. If you're not sure what kind of fragrance your date prefers, use only a small amount.

5. Choose a natural scent.

To smell seductive on a date, you don't have to wear cologne, perfume, or scented lotion. Instead, try alternating between a neutral body wash and an unscented lotion. You should also use unscented deodorant.

Bonus Tips....

After showering, apply fragrance. After showering, apply a lotion, perfume, cologne, body mist, or aftershave. Apply the fragrance to your skin after you've dried off. Moisturized skin is more receptive to fragrance.

A small amount of cologne or perfume should be applied to your pulse points. The fragrance is absorbed faster when you apply perfume or cologne to your pulse points. The scent will be amplified because these areas are warmer than the rest of your body. Apply a single spray of perfume or cologne to the backs of your knees, the backs of your wrists, or the back of your neck.

Only a small amount of fragrance should be used. You don't want your fragrance to overpower your date or other people. Spray your fragrance about a half-hour before leaving the house for your date. When spraying the fragrance, keep at least one foot away from it and walk through the mist.

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