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Expensive Club in Soweto Left People In Disbelief, Check Prices

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There is a new club in Soweto that took many people by storm this year called Konka which is based in Pimville, just very near the well known Baragwanath Hospital.

Konka has caused shockwaves this year for being expensive and hosting people who wear expensive clothes and drive expensive cars.

People have been sharing jokes online that you cannot go to Konka if you wear cheap brands and if you drive ordinary cars.

Some people mentioned that you cannot even go there if you working in certain jobs because you will not stand the prices being paid there.

Check the price list below of the things sold inside the club:

It seems like people have fallen in love with the club especially on social media as they like sharing jokes about it.

See comments below from people about this club:

Many people have highlighted and asked what is the difference between the alcohol we buy in retail and compared to the one they buy in this expensive club.

The same bottle that one buys in retain can be multiplied by more than three times in Konka.

Most people have also slammed people for having to spend money on such an expensive club rather than giving back to the communities and changing people's lives.


It is really sad that there is someone out there who is willing to spend more than R10 000 on just having a good time while there is someone out there who slept on an empty stomach.

On the other hand, people are working hard for their money and they can spend it any way they want to.

Celebrities Spotted in Konka (Pictures):

There are many well-known people who also spend their good times in this club based in Soweto.

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Source: Konka IG

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