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As The BBNaija Show Comes To An End Tonight, Checkout Ten Things I Observed About Cross

Cross has Always entertained housemates and viewers in the BBNaija shine your eye season 6.

As The Big Brother Naija Show Comes To An End Tonight, I will like to share things I noticed about cross the Boss and cruise master.

1) Cross Is Very humble and Determined, his perseverance is inspiring:

He is a strong woman and he did shy away from showing us that we can still dream and make it happen just by you being persistent and determined. His determination is wat everyone needs to be successful.

Many young people truly learned a lot from her and he is an inspiration to many young generation, he didn't try too much or over strategies, he was just himself and that was enough.

Cross is the definition of real, he has been himself with no pretense or any strategy, he lives every moment as it comes.

2) Cross is an entertainer: Cross brought so many entertainment to the house, even the way he speaks is really entertaining, I almost stopped watching big brother until I discover Crosse's good sense of humour.

Because of the vibes cross brings to their Saturday night parties, that's why I and other viewers usually stay up at the middle of the night to watch the Saturday party till the end.

I enjoyed watching him dance in the Saturday parties, such a happy soul. Cross is a whole vibe and his intentions are always so pure.

3) Cross Hates Intimidation: Cross BBNaija is one of the audacious housemates in the Big Brother Naija Shine Your eye season 6.

H hate bullies and while in the house he made sure he didn't give room to any bully to try to intimidate him or any other housemates.

4) Cross Is Very Jovial And Friendly: Cross is that best friend that everyone should have.

He is an expressive person and he makes can be made a cool friend and confidant to have around.

He gives listening ears to his friends and always encourage them to keep pushing and never give up.

5) Cross is very competitive and he is a great sportsman: When it comes to task, he makes sure he gives his best to perform task in the house.

The way he gives his best during tasks is top notched, he is a very good team player.

Cross is a Great sportsman ( he always happy for people's win).

6) Cross is very selfless: He do things for people without expecting anything, he made sure he carries everyone along. Indeed he is a very selfless person.

7) Cross is a great observer and a good listener: When his fellow housemates are going through distress, cross usually made sure he listen to them, advice them and cheer them up, he is a wonderful soul.

8) Cross Is Real: Cross taught Me that they can be myself and still achieve it all.

He has taught me that there's really no limits to what you can achieve.

9) Cross has a good dress sense: If they are to rate the dress sense of Big Brother Naija season 6 housemates, Cross will be among the top five, because his dress sense is really topnotch.

10) Cross Loves South Africans And Their Meals: he talked so much about Mzansi meals and How he missed eating them.

I wish you the best of luck cross, and I know that greatness awaits you after the show.

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