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PICS | 'Where do we go now?' Cape Town residents pick up pieces after fire gutted 103 homes of the Givers organisation handed out hot foods to the community of <a class=Overcome Heights."/>This past Saturday, a catastrophic fire raged through the Overcome Heights informal community in the Seawind neighbourhood of Cape Town, burning more than 100 houses and forcing hundreds of people from their homes and onto the streets.

At about 21:40 on Saturday night, according to Jermaine Carelse, a spokesman for the City's Fire and Rescue Service, the emergency call was received by the department's crews.

"On the scene at St Patrick's Avenue, firefighters from Lakeside Fire Station were the first to arrive. When they arrived, they saw many houses engulfed in flames, prompting the need for more assistance "Carelse has been added.

Officials from the city's Disaster Risk Management team have finished their evaluation of the situation in the region, according to the team.

According to spokeswoman Charlotte Powell, the wildfire destroyed 103 buildings and left 263 people without shelter.

"Different City services are on the scene to restore basic services after a fire damaged key infrastructure such as electrical poles, chemical toilets, and water taps," according to Powell, who added that the city is working to restore basic

On Saturday night, a catastrophic fire engulfed Seawinds, a residential neighbourhood in Cape Town.

Thembakazi Yaphi, a 47-year-old local resident who has lived in the informal settlement for over 18 years, said she is upset and "heartbroken" that she was unable to rescue any of her possessions.

"Due to the fact that my family and I had nowhere to go last night, we decided to remain here in the informal settlement and were provided with blankets for the night.

We attempted to protect ourselves from the cold by wrapping ourselves in sheets, but this proved ineffective. It's not pleasant to be forced to live in this manner "Yaphi expressed herself in a tearful manner.

Settlement on an informal basis

After a terrible fire ravaged the Overcome Heights neighbourhood in Seawinds, residents were left distraught.

According to Yaphi, she and her children will continue to live in the neighbourhood where their home was destroyed since they do not have any other place to go.

Another homeowner said that they had no choice but to remain in the vicinity of their burned-out houses.Informal settlement

"What should we do at this point? We've completely lost everything. Because we have nowhere else to go, the only thing we can do is attempt to reconstruct our house, which is our only option "Adrian Classen expressed himself in this way.

"I wasn't at home when the fire started," Classen, 42, said of the incident. But when he returned home and witnessed the devastation caused by the fire, he couldn't believe what he was seeing. He said, "I'm not going to lie, I'm not going to lie."

In the process of packing up and moving out of my house, I had no clue that when I returned, there would be nothing there for me to come back to; everything in my house was gone.

Fouzie Cassiem, a community leader, said that they are very, "Unhappy and angry since there are a large number of individuals who are already unemployed and have become homeless as a result.

In addition, Cassiem believes that the national government should give money to local governments so that they may distribute housing starter kits to the general public.

According to Cassiem, the Western Cape local government is giving R700 to each individual whose home was completely destroyed by fire in order to assist them in rebuilding their

"Who has the ability to construct a structure with R700? The roof over a person's head is more essential than that little sum of money. People are in difficulty, and we are asking the government to help support our citizens "Cassiem said himself.

Meanwhile, organizations such as Gift of the Givers and Living Hope are giving humanitarian aid to individuals who have been harmed.

A young woman attempts to retrieve her severely burned jacket from the ruins, which she has discovered.

According to Operations Manager Ali Sablay, the organizations were approached by members of the community who were in need of help.

"On Sunday, our team came with hot meals for the community, and upon arrival, we discovered a large number of small children and older individuals who were suffering from the cold and in need of help. People who needed to take their medicine were among those who were there "Sablay expressed himself.

They stated they will be helping the community with food, Covid-19 care packs, water, and anything else that may be required during this period over the next three to four days.

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