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3 Reasons Why ANC Will Win The Election Despite The Mass Being Against The Political Party

Many people have expressed the hatred they have for the Anc party, some say they are corrupt, some say they don't fulfill their promises while most South Africans believe they are not capable of taking South Africa to the next level.

Although the mass wants to remove the party from power, and put who they think is capable to take up the job. I strongly believe Anc will still be in power because of these 3 Reasons

1. Some south Africans are saboteur:

You might not know this but many South Africans are saboteur, they may say they don't like Anc in power in front of the crowd but believe me in the election ground they will vote for Anc.

2. Greed:

Some South Africa are deceived by material things, they might say they want to vote out Anc but when they reach the voting center and Anc coordinator hands them money, they will change their mind and vote for Anc all because of greed.

3. Our Youths are not ready to take decisions:

Another crutial problem that will make Anc win the election is the youths, they are not ready to make a difference, some youths are still voting and rooting tirelessly for Anc while some are registered but can't take out one hour of their schedule to vote for the right person

These are 3 Reasons why Anc will win the election despite being hated by the mass.

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