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A mother of three that has a full-time job and a side hustle has shown her remarkable exams results

(Source: - @DeziJordyn2303)

Ever looked at other people’s lives and asked yourself, how do they do it? Whether it’s studying, businesses, family, self-love, investments, and happiness, they’re just winning in different aspects of their lives. It’s just amazing to see and witness someone deserving of all the success that they’ve worked for come to life. As long someone is winning in life, that should inspire the next person to do better too. As that will show that nothing is impossible despite the situation that you might find yourself in each day. There’s always something beneficial in your journey, the aim is to remain disciplined and enjoy the process. 

Now, a wonderful woman has taken to her social media platform to share her impressive examination results. As she aced all her five modules and this was a proud moment for her since she has worked hard to get the results she needed. Getting a distinction at university isn’t something that can fall on a person’s lap, as it requires some sort of effort from that person. What made this victory sweeter for Mrs. Mogale was that she had a lot on her plate (full-time job, three children, and a business). Through it all, she found her way to deliver the goods on her studies. “Working full-time while studying, with 3 small kids and a side hustle, and the distinctions are just pulling through one by one… I am so proud of myself,” said Thee Mrs. Mogale (@DeziJordyn2303) on Twitter, sharing her massive achievements. 

Furthermore, she didn’t hide her recipe of passing with flying colours. As she stated that she has an amazing support system that got her back, through good and bad times. Also, she utilised her time accordingly, as she put in the work every day. “Hard work, good time management, consistency, and a great support system,” added Mrs. Mogale when she asked how she was able to achieve such incredible results on her exams.

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Date: 10/11/2021

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