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Mpho working undercover or what ?

Mpho is character on the popular SABC 1 drama Generations The Legacy played by[Junior Singo ] Mpho has been out of control for weeks now trying to join the life of crime by working with his uncle K [Gaddafi] who is a wanted man by the cops .Mpho has been suffering since his friend tamryn died and not getting justice for her Mpho has lost it and gave up on the justice system or so it seems ,We saw Mpho and uncle K planning the death of the captain who was Mabasos's right hand man and Mpho failed to kill him, on other hand he shot the gun at his friend Luyolo at the commune which led to the part where detective Malinga got involved when Luyolo and Tracy wanted to open a case against Mpho and now it seems like Mpho is trying to set up Gaddafi, Which is unbelievable because they are like father and son and HE has done a lot for Mpho but then lets wait for it and see what happens .

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