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COVID-19: Mzansi goes "mad" after today's announcement

Image: Steve Biko Academic Hospital in Pretoria Treating Increased Number of Covid19 Patients.

They are just cooking up these numbers to benefit those capitalists who are enriching themselves through the Covid. This virus is a commercial thing now. This is how several furious South Africans are currently commenting on today's announcement of Covid-19 statistics. According to the Health Department, South Africa has recorded 2,465 new COVID-19 cases. Death toll rises by 114 to 89,771. Positivity rate surges to 6.5%. This is 100% number compared to the previous day.

What is making people angry is that during the elections campaign rallies, which were super spreaders, there were no cases reported. But now all of a sudden cases are spiking. "Was Covid-19 on leave during elections?" people ask. Three weeks ago the cases were around 300, it's starting to be very difficult not to believe the so called conspiracy theories, some say.

@SmithB The numbers are nicely gathering pace just in time for the lockdown to be implemented on the 2nd of December. I will never disregard anything people say its a conspiracy theory. The writers of these theories are so spot on.

@DDT Lol just because we refused to accept J&J and Pfizer booster all of a sudden we have 2465 cases. I now strongly belive our health department is captured. This cannot be true!!

Meanwhile, according ,22 cases of a new variant, B.1.1.529, have been detected in South Africa. More cases are being confirmed as sequencing results come out. Detected cases are increasing quickly, particularly in Gauteng, North West and Limpopo.

Meanwhile, there are fears that government may impose another lockdown on citizens. In my opinion, government must not even think of another hard lockdown as it may seriously have a negative impact on the country’s economy. Our currently crippled economy may completely collapse if another lockdown can be imposed.

What are your thoughts about these cases that are spiking this high all of a sudden?


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