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It Ended In Tears For Illegal Nigerian As He Gets Five Life Sentences, This Is What Happened

It has ended in tears for the a Nigerian as the Johannesburg District Court on Wednesday sentenced a Nigerian national to five life imprisonment [Read More].

The court ordered the verdict to run at the same time. Peter AcaDrivee, 37, was found dead on August 26 after an incident in Tohoyandu. The court heard that the three women were looking for work when they were approached by three Nigerian men who offered them work.

One of the women suggested talking about a job offer at a nearby nightclub. The men bought drinks for the women, and after drinking the alcohol the women lost consciousness and after regaining consciousness found themselves in a strange place.

The women testified in court that they were in a room with two unidentified women. The room has no window and just a mattress on the floor. The unknown woman told the three that they were in Rosettenville, Johannesburg.


The authorities should maximize their resources and start looking for these illegal immigrants in order to prepare them for deportation. The issues of criminal foreigners is getting out of hand and we all should beware of these scammers.

Let's learn to look out for each other, do well to share this article and alert other job seekers so as to prevent them from falling into the trap of these lawlessness foreigners.


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