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Mzwanele Manyi Drops A Dramatic Bombshell To Ramaphosa And ANC || See Why



It has now been a week since the former president Jacob Zuma has been released from the Estcourt Correctional Service. The release of Jacob Zuma surprised the whole country as it wasn't expected that the 79-year-old man will be released from prison. Jacob Zuma was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment by the Constitutional Court after he was found guilty of mocking and insulting Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo.

Zuma was once ordered to appear at the Zondo commission and of which he appeared on the early days of the exposure of his secret regarding the involvement of the Gupta Family. It can be proven that the logic behind him defying the court ruling might be because of the agreement he had with the Gupta family with regards to the release of such deep information and it might mean that there a lot of things were sacrificed.

This can either mean that the country which Zuma kept is the one that is keeping the country in great balance. Mzwanele Manyi the spokesperson of the Jacob Zuma foundation has dropped a dramatic bombshell after the Constitutional court failed to grant Zuma rescission application.

This comes after he was released on medical parole as it was thought that maybe the Concourt will set aside the contempt of court charges, only to find out that is quite the opposite.

Jacob Zuma foundation has taken the matter into their own hands after their failed attempt to win over the Constitution court failed horribly. This was because the evidence they supplied to the constitutional court was not sufficient enough to hold him out in contempt of court.

They have decided to approach the African court and people's rights to hear their view on the rescission application as it was denied by the constitutional court. It is not yet known whether Jacob Zuma will have his rescission application reviewed or maybe step aside and what it will mean.

What Is your intake on this and why?

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