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"SKeem Saam is by far the best soapie in Mzansi" says viewers

The most memorable episode by far on all soapies. Skeem saam production team are incomparable, its amazing how they keep being getting better and innovatively creative. Skeem saam is probably the only soapie in mzansi that hasn't recycled its storyline. The times of Thabo , Zamo and kat were totally different from the times of Eunice Pretty and Leshole.

Likewise the times of Koloi Clement and Noah are totally different from that of Paxton's and his crew. The school over the years has been governable, the children were discipled and very focused on their education. That is why they have been able to produce graduates who contribute to the economy of Turf.

However this year the school is ungovernable , perhaps most teachers relate to what's happening to this very school. Paxton alone has managed to cause havoc to the whole school, this are the stories we're seeing happening around South Africa where children have become unruly.

Paxton brought a drone and chased the principal with it around the school causing a mockery of her. Well done to Principal Thobakgale she nailed the scene, it was funny to watch but also educational. Children are terrorizing their teachers this is only a soapie but one wonders how the teachers expiriencing this for real go through daily.

Sadly Eunice's money has been stolen by Kgosi even though it was running out. Most people enjoyed how she handled Mr Kgomo however she has to face the consequences at some point. Well done to the actress she played that part beautifully and very believable.

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