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Men, good women still exist but they may not have flat tummy and curves (Solomon Ahoms)

It is a total misconception to think that, what defines a woman is curves or a flat tummy. It is not having an athletic body that defines a woman. So we can not totally ignore that looks matters, but they are not everything.

If any person can tell you that she doesn't mind how the lady looks, or how a man looks, they're lying, because there are certain things that people look at on a woman or a man, and they go for her.

Most of the people that are marrying, are led by the outward appearances, and that is misleading. After looking at the outward appearance of a woman, you should be able to look into her heart, you should be able to discern the spirit of a woman. If you can be able to do that, then you can go ahead and marry that lady.

So it is not just good looks, but also her spirit and her heart matters. In an actual fact the heart and the spirit matters more than the looks, but then you will know that it is not possible that you can go for a woman who is extra big to a point that she can't even fit through the door, because of her good heart.

It is not possible to marry a lady who may have health issues due to overweight. Looks they do matter, but mostly her heart and her spirit should be good to complement those good looks. It only shows us that, nothing should be ignored from the two, they all matters.

Don't marry an obese person thinking they will change, you may realise that it will be a serious offense trying to change her diet, or encourage them to eat home cooked meals.

Men, good women still exist but they don't have flat tummy and curves

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