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" I am 52 but I look 25" | Mzansi reacts

By Ronewa Ramulifho

Thoni is a 52 year old woman who is very confident. She left Mzansi talking after posting this picture and saying that she is 52 but looks 25 . People started dragging her but the funny part is that, that's how she sees herself and people are disagreeing with her. If you haven't seen the picture, checkout below:

It's very important to love yourself and be confident because if not, you will get offended easily and negative comments will brake you. One thing you shouldn't forget , is that people always talk . Whether you doing good or bad so it's much better to do what makes you happy because at the end of the day , they are still going to talk .

People with low self esteem don't like people who are confident, they always try by all means to bring them down . This should be a lesson to everyone, love yourself and do what makes you happy .

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