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South Africa is a rainbow nation says radio presenters

This Friday, South Africa observes Legacy Day – a festival of our nation's rich and various legacy. On this day, residents meet up and are urged to commend their way of life and the variety of their convictions and customs as each of these makes South Africa the rainbow country that it is.

As we recognize the magnificence of our different country, a portion of Mzansi's most well known superstars share how their legacy affects them and why something ought to be commended.

Carol Ofori

TV and radio character Song Ofori says that this year, she is finding a way some thrilling ways to look into her experience. "Legacy Day for me this year is concerning where I'm from. It's with regards to me discovering where my mother and father are from. It's additionally about adoring the way that my legacy is being an African lady and ingraining this into how I'm bringing up my kids, who are Skillet African. I like to see myself as a Container African also, on the grounds that for me it's past being a Pedi young lady, it's tied in with being a Pedi young lady who adores her African legacy," Song says. She adds that this Legacy Day she is "doing a parentage DNA test. I'm extremely eager to perceive what the outcomes will say in light of the fact that however much I realize I'm South African, I'm quick to perceive what else the outcomes will show."

DJ Sabby

For DJ Sabby, Legacy Day has quite a lot more significance since he is a dad. "As a youthful African man and being completely mindful of where we come from is something that I genuinely embrace since that characterizes our inheritance," the DJ clarifies. "Being a dad now, that is the thing that I need to go to my child and what he should go to his youngsters. That is the continuation of legacy and culture. This Legacy Day, we can shisa nyama and simply chill with family we should likewise have an instructive second so we can keep the quintessence of the day alive and praise who we really are."

Kriya Gangiah

Moderator, financial specialist and media character Kriya Gangiah says that being an Indian lady in South Africa is something that she commends each day. "Legacy, as far as I might be concerned, is a comprehension of our past so we can be more ready for our future," she clarifies. "My legacy as a South African Indian lady implies that not just has the great, similar to the food and the dress, been given to me yet additionally the drive to forestall the battles of our past. I'm thankful for my legacy. It has molded who I'm today."

Alex Caige

Radio character, pilot and DJ Alex Caige shares the significance of commending all of the way of life that house themselves inside South Africa and clarifies that he, actually, has invested a ton of energy as of late agreement how his family arrived up in South Africa. "As far as I might be concerned, Legacy Day is about the various societies we have in the nation and the variety we have inside the nation also," Alex clarifies. "This Legacy Day is very uncommon to me in light of the fact that my family and I followed our legacy back to the mid 1800s from various pieces of the Netherlands and figured out how we made the progress to South Africa. This allowed me an opportunity to consider how my family has survived various pieces of South Africa and how I arrived up in Johannesburg." He adds "I ask everybody to invest some energy exploring your legacy since it might simply astound you."

Courtnaé Paul

Artist, choreographer, DJ, maker and all-round performer Courtnaé Paul says that her legacy is something staggeringly critical to her and her family – and will praise this extraordinary day with those near her. "Nothing says legacy very like family and that is the way I'll go through my day – encompassed by loved ones and commending the way of life and legacy of our rainbow country," she says. "I think days like this, where you will pause and like all the great pieces and pieces that make up our assorted nation, are really significant and a suggestion to exactly how unique South Africa truly is."

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