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Tips on how to gently ask a girl to be your girlfriend

Here are some very useful tips on how best to ask a girl to be your friend. romantic or creative by the way, you can learn these two important skills and be more successful in your personal life and dating. 

 If you're not the romantic type at all, your directness can be your cuteness. Just tell her the truth, girl, and say that you want to be her man more than anything in this world. offer, the less can go wrong. 

 # 2: Invite her somewhere like your friend 

 If there is a social event going on nearby, take advantage of it. Just like your girl if she's interested. Then, depending on the answer, add that you'd like to see her there as your friend. She may change her mind (from negative to positive) after you explain to her that you want to see her there as your friend. 

3: Pretend it's No Big Deal 

 Use this strategy when doing something together. It should be something casual like walking in a park, cooking dinner, or watching a movie. Just ask something like, “Can we be a couple now? Yes sir?Cold! "After that, continue what you did. 

 4: Show Your Righteous Feelings 

 Women's hearts melt when they see how vulnerable men can be. If you show your vulnerability and righteous feelings, the girl will most likely agree to spend the rest of their lives with you and give birth to a dozen babies. Just say, "I want to be your friend," and that's it. This is a proven practice that has worked at least several times! 

 5: Say something nice then ask her 

 If she does something adorable or funny, notice and tells her how awesome she is, then pretend you're kidding but be very serious and say something like "You" You are amazingly adorable! Be my friend darling She will be happy that you noticed her talent and that you want to be with her. 

6: Make a Special Dinner 

 Cook dinner for the two of you, but pick it up from the things that go perfectly together. It can be meatballs with spaghetti, hamburgers and fries and so on. As you eat, draw attention to the things that go together and say out loud that there are things that ideally go together. Then add, "Like you and me," and ask her to be your friend. He will hardly have the courage to refuse. 

 7: Use Your Talents 

 Find something you are good at. If you are a poet, write a poem for and about her and with her help ask her to be your friend. it works if you are a musician. If you are good at coding, create some code that appears as a sort of pop-up window on your computer and say something like, "Error 100500. To continue, choose" I agree to be Yuwa's girlfriend. "


 8: Sweeten Her Heart 


 If your girl loves sweet things, order (or make, if you are talented at such things) something sweet for her, like a cake or muffin with the sweet question on it. The choice of options is huge indeed, and it won't be difficult to complete this task since most of the stores that make this type of product are happy to help you and also show their creativity. 

9: A QR code especially for you 

 You can order a tailor-made piece of jewellery with a special QR code especially for you. When you receive it you will be wondering what the code means. Make sure you have the tools to scan it and read the message correctly. Surely the message should contain your offer and probably something about your feelings for them. 

10: Make a Large Poster 

 When you're sure where he usually goes to college or work, where he usually appears, ask for a large poster with the words you want to say. , “Mary, do you agree to be my friend? - John ".It's a lovely way to show the whole world how precious she is to you, but first, you need to make sure your girl doesn't interfere with public attention for her and your relationships. 

 11: Catch Them All Of A sudden 


 When you're together on a certain day, just lean forward and say, "I have something to tell you." She will ask you what's going on and then you should lean forward a little more, step closer to her, and suddenly kiss her. Then say something like, "I closed all of this, now you are mine!" Don't forget to smile and wink to show that you are a joke, but not quite a joke. 

 12: Create an event for her 

 Invite her to a "special event", for example, a dinner party or the like. Make sure she sees the name of the event somewhere in her field of vision, such as, "Jolene is going to be my girlfriend." Again, you need to make sure your girl gets the gist of the jokes from that event so she doesn't freak out, etc. 

Thanks for reading.

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