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Pick & Pay Liquor Say Stock As Much As Possible Because Another Lockdown Is Incoming...Allegedly (see this)

Looking back at the past 2 months before the whole political campaign stuffs started, The country was having a very tough time in the fight against COVID-19 and there was even a point where alcohol was banned with the intention of trying to minimize the virus sometime around July do you remember that? 

Well if you should look back again on what has been happening ever since alcohol sales was permitted again I bet you will notice that the issue if the virus has been shelfed and political parties and leaders has been too focused on elections, Well now that we have done voting quite a number of people has started assuming that the government can take us back to hard lockdown again the very same way they did with load shedding

For example few weeks back we had different levels of load shedding but on the voting day (yesterday) we did not hear of any load shedding but now that we post voting the day load shedding is back. Well it seems like that's what we should expect with lockdown as well see what a certain branch of pick n pay wrote for its customers.

Although what you have just seen on the flyer above has not yet being confirmed yet, If you should do a follow-up on the new cases which has been recorded for the past few days am sure you can also conclude that we might head to another lockdown anytime from now, and it honestly won't favor alcohol consumers.

So now according to your understanding as readers, do you think that heading back to a more strict lockdown level will be a good or bad idea since people don't even want to go and get thief vaccines? What is it that you think about the possibility of getting a tough lockdown? Please write some comments below

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