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EFF:Malema Is Sadden By The Hate That Is Exhibited To The ANC Member who Died In A Car Accident

There is nothing Tgat Disturb Malema Than To See Black innocent people being harassed weather Because of there skin colour or because They Come From Other parts of the World. Malema believe in the human Race he does not judge a People because of the colour Of His skin.

Malema Was very Sudden by the Traged death of One of top ANC Member who Died In The car accident. Malema send his Condolences to the family of Matongo. Matongo came with all due respect when many betrayed him after he was reported as the new civic chairman of Gauteng, and his unexpected demise has been an aggravation for Julius Malema. Malema has gone to web-based media to share the aggravation he is feeling following the pitiful passing of Johannesburg Mayor Jolidee Matongo. 

Matongo, 46, kicked the bucket in the mishap in the wake of going to an elector enlistment crusade prior on Saturday. Matongo and Makhura went through the day in Soweto on a citizen enrollment crusade, driven by President Cyril Ramaphosa. 

As indicated by the ANC in Johannesburg, the passerby kicked the bucket on Sunday, expanding the loss of life from Saturday night's collide with three. 

Matongo and the driver of the bakkie his vehicle crashed into passed on Saturday. As indicated by the specialists, a person on foot ran into the street. At the point when Matongo's vehicle attempted to stay away from him, it crashed into the bakkie. 

Matongo was brought into the world of a Zimbabwean Father and a South African mother, he was brought up here in South Africa. Many were anyway cheerful when he was chosen the new Mayor of Johannesburg, his arrangement followed the death of previous city hall leader, Geoff Makhubo, who kicked the bucket two months prior from the destructive Covid. 

South Africans felt that it wasn't right to designate a far off public to a post that ought to be given to a South African. Malema anyway didn't support this, he talked for the benefit of Matongo and spread the word about it that Matongo was South African. 

In the mean time there have been unverified reports that Matongo might have been killed for his position, seeing that neighborhood government decisions were coming up. Reports propose that there could be an ANC official who is looking at the mayoral position and the best way to get it, they should "excuse" Matongo. The party has anyway excused these reports as outlandish and absurd. They have administered Matongo's passing as a fair mishap and that's it.

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