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Understanding that many people they still have no clue how ancestors work

My previous post made me to understand that many still have no clue how ancestors work. 

Just because a person has passed on and now they are coming with an apologetic story, it doesn't mean they are genuinely apologizing for peace sake. It means they have trouble wherever they are. 

Either they are rejected because of the things they did while still alive, or they can't make it to the promised land which is their clan land because of their evil deeds. 

Now they look for the one who is an easy target to be used by them. They will make your life miserable so that when they reach out to you, you will be ready and willing to listen to them. 

Some they were wizards and witches now they need someone to continue their legacy. 

Acknowledging every ancestors who has done bad in their living days is a bad idea...a bomb waiting to explode. You will be used to buy goats to cleanse them while they never bought you a loaf of bread to eat. 

Never expect someone who died hating you to bless you when they have passed matter how many times they come back to apologize, they will never have your best interest at heart. They only apologizing for their own benefit. Believe it or not...they don't regret what they did, they just need an easy way to use you. 

I forgive all the time but I never forget.

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