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Actress Gail Mabalane Extends A Helping Hand

Actress Gail Mabalane Appeals To The Public After Gun Shoot Incident

The crime rates in the country proves to be not decreasing anytime soon, a number of South Africans are forever falling victims to crime. Certain incidents have had lives lost in the hands of criminals whilst some victims are left disable. Actress Gail Mabalane shared very tragic news of how mugging have ended an innocent person in a wheelchair.

The actress posted on her social media this afternoon asking for help for a man called Shadrack. According to Gail, the man who has worked at their complex for a number of years was mugged earlier this month.Just like many people who have to board buses or taxis in order to go to their place of employment are forced to be up as early as 5am. It seems his walk to work was his last when he was shot in the neck by criminals, this has unfortunately changed his life forever.

Shadrack was discharged from the hospital as a quadriplegic.

"Hello everyone. ❤️

Please meet our dear friend, Shadrack. 🙏🏿 Shadrack has worked for years in our complex. One of the kindest human beings I know.

Earlier this month, at around 5am on his way to work, he was mugged and shot in the neck. 💔 Shad was discharged from hospital yesterday...the doctors have said that he is now sadly a quadriplegic. 😭💔"

She reminded her followers that the man's life changed unexpectedly on that unfortunate incident that has changed his life. 

"Shadrack left home walking on that fateful morning, and went home yesterday in a wheelchair. 😢"

Gail appealed to each and everyone to please help where they can, it's apparent that Shadrack is in need of financial assistance but most importantly a wheelchair. She explained that the one that he's currently using it's loaned, she added the six outmost important things he dearly needs which are a lazy boy chair, foam mattress, occupational therapy, physio therapy, trauma counseling and help adjusting his home.

"I would like to use this opportunity to humbly appeal to anyone to assist him and his beautiful family (wife & 2 kids) need help. From financial assistance (as he is now unable to work), to anything that will assist them on this journey."

Here's a link if you are willing to offer assistance to Shadrack and his family.

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