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Andile Mngxitama Has Just Spilled Beans Concerning the Real Owners of Mashaba’s ActionSA

Black First Land First (BLF) president Andile Mngxitama has at last spilled beans and uncovered the genuine proprietors or owners of Herman Mashaba's Action South Africa party. 

Mngxitama said black people were deceived by the Stellenbosch mafia into accepting that Herman Mashaba's Action South Africa was claimed by a black man as they put Mashaba as a front while the genuine proprietors were working from behind. 

He also added that the Blacks willfully decided in favor of own "concealment" under misrepresentation affectation of battling debasement, when actually power has a place with white syndication capital who supports the ideological groups utilizing dark pioneers as fronts. 

He Said: "Johan Rupert and Rob are the owners of Action SA. Blacks duped again. We have Stellenbosch political parties in an SA. political power belongs to the ruling class which is white monopoly capital. Blacks vote for their oppression under the guise of fighting corruption. 

BLF president further adds that South Africans need to free themselves through settling on the right political decisions or they will remain slaves in their own country. 

Herman Mashaba anyway responding to these analysis about his party being driven by white individuals who are utilizing him as a front says Action South Africa is a multi-racial party which doesn't separate anybody. 

Mashaba says South Africa needs a party that takes care of business. 

In business, you acquire the most ideal individuals to make it happen, serve your clients, and distribute reserves insightfully. That is the thing that SA legislative issues needs," he said.


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