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Here are tricks uncles should use at lobola negotiations, to get Makoti with discount price(Opinion)

Nowadays marrying a woman is one of the expensive things, you need to budget just to take someone's child to your place. Today we are learning about wise words uncles should use to get Makoti at a discount price.

Uncles should make sure they wear respectful and when they enter Makoti's place they must know what they want. Many families love to sell their children, they will count her educational background and how they contributed to their child since day one up until date.

In many cases, you will find the bride's parents counting all most everything they have done to their child, including taking the child to private school. Many marriages fail because some parents need more than expected by the groom's family.

Well here are some answers to their ridiculous stories:

*If parents take their child to private schools which means they afford it and nobody forced them because there are public schools

*Parents using their own money to pay for their daughter at high institutions means they met requirements because there are bursaries out there to help. None of that is your fault, no one forced them

Nowadays we are living in a Democratic country, For the past few years, rs ladies were fighting for 50/50 equality. Well, now they got it, and is time they apply it everywhere not only where it suits them. If a man has to pay R50 000 lobola then the same applies to women, she must also pay that R50 000 to the groom's place on the same day.

In some areas you will find old people with old minds and they will tell you that they do things traditionally, well is still fine we can turn to traditional now. If their child has all those degrees, master's, And went to private schools, all that will be useless to her man. Because in traditional we all know that women have to stay home, cook, and clean the house, only man is allowed to go and work.

So what's gonna be now? Traditionally or modern?. Share your thoughts below. Follow us for more advice. Thank you

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