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SA Woman Brutally Murdered by Mozambican man. Here's how to protect our Woman.

At the moment in South Africa there are a lot of illegal foreigners. Foreigners who came into our Country with no identification and no way to track them. So when one of these foreigners commits a crime, it's hard to catch them. In a recent case a foreigner did something terrible and it really breaks my heart to see this happen to a South African woman. All the details are down below.

The tragic murder :

The Women above is Noqayisa Tshwane, she recently lost her life after taking her truck in to get fixed by a Mozambican man. The man also murdered her son. Both the bodies were found with stab wounds to their upper bodies in a brutal act of murder. The man was taken into custody and is set to appear in court soon. Unfortunately this is just one of many women brutally murdered in our Country. So here's what you can do to help protect our Woman.

The Sad Truth :

Gender based Violence is a very real problem in South Africa, however we cannot solely blame this on just our own men. Which is why as South African men we need to protect our Women and keep them safe from threats, threats from both South African and foreign men. If you see a woman in danger from a man, consider stepping in or informing law enforcement of what's happening. Too many Women and children are losing their lives for us to just be comfortable with gender based violence so please take action. It's up to both you and I to make a difference. If you have any other suggestions to help end gender based violence, tell me in the comments section and share to help others find this information. Remember to hit the follow button for lifestyle news daily.

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