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Man Spotted With This Attached To His Waist In The Stadium

Most soccer fanatics wants to see themselves inside that stadium watching their favourite team score and win the game. Everything has been different since the beginning of the covid pandemic, and everything came to a stand still. Sport games were suspended and when they later resumed, no supporters were allowed to watch the live games in the stadium.

Recently, it has been heard that sports games will soon be available for everyone to watch at the venue. Currently, only the team and its management are allowed to attend the venue and watch everything as it happened. After the Kaizer Chiefs loss against Royal AM, it was brought forward that a Royal security guard was spotted in the stadium with a gun in his position. The photo below shows this man with a gun on his waist, and this made Chief's supporters more furious after being defeated.

People might also think what this man was carrying could be a toy, but according to his position, there is no way he can carry a toy on him. One would ask themselves if weapons are allowed within sports facilities. If not, this brings us to one conclusion, he was being treated differently and favours were allocated to him. This seems unfair to others as they also want to carry their weapons as part of their safety against criminals which they may come across after the match.

Well this also pose a risk as a gun can go off without the owner being aware and this might lead to unplanned injuries. So the best way to calm these situations is to prohibit anyone from entering sports facilities with any weapon.

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