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THEMBISA MONNENG: This is how they are taking pictures

Caroline Rathabe continues if she is not dissatisfied with the lifestyle they are living in the area, and the photograph speaks volumes about the location. As for her friends online or followers, they are surprisingly amazed by the whole experience.

As surprising as it is, is expected from her lifestyle within the area, and the beauty of it is that it is not known which experience she is going to share with the public next. The atmosphere is thrilling from their engagement with everyone part of the moment.


Moments about their comments from the engagement section:

1. KATLEGO: Emphasize how much she loves THEMBISA and end his comment with a question that makes it easier for her to say yes, Caroline. And she confirms it without not being disappointed if the response is the one expected from the beginning.

2. NKADIMENG LYDIA says it is hot within the area and standing on the fridge is a better outcome for on a less cool day. Her move to the fridge also makes sense if you do not have another option, other than standing next to it. 


As much as you laugh to it, she is making the best out of her lifestyle and using whatever is at her disposal. It is a great step forward to continue having a wonderful time.

3. KASTRO thought she was standing on an ATM, and PHOGOLE says it is becoming more like a norm where is cool. They are good, where there are great things for themselves and there is no point for you to go away from a lavishing lifestyle.


You can stay as long as you like, and the treatment will give you another better lifestyle. Maybe you have been waiting for it. From her, it will always be a wonderful gesture and creating wonderful memories. Social media is part of it, and people loves the great new things available.

She is loving it at best, and Caroline will continues to share more about the place for as long as she is still in love with the content and location. For her, it is a case of two things that can't be separated.

Your thoughts?

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