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Dr ZICKIE: Loadshedding wont stop me from going out


Zickie loves going out a lot, and she had a good time as usual with Mr. Smeg. Now she is having a different meal than the one she had before when she was out with Mr. Smeg. This meal is an African meal, and South Africans love it.

It is almost everyone's favourite, and when people are together at a certain venue. You will always see people buying this particular meal. Now people are going for platters for the sole reason of their having all sorts of meat. It goes with beverages most of the time.


Zickie is one person who loves both, even though she is at other times going for those meals which do not originate from South Africa. She loves them, but as for the local meals, everyone who loves them cannot say they do not see them as mouthwatering.

She is also having a huge influence on the social media space, and according to the timeline, she is clearly well-known.


1. Skroef: You guys are living the best life. Thank you for enjoying it on our behalf because they are going through loadshedding.

2. Thick: Please come and get me. Zickie's response was that they were already in bed because it was only for dinner.

3. Zickie: Every chance they get, it is being used accordingly and it is not waiting for no one.


Her motivation in the comment section is to advise other people that everyone should be having a great moment while time is still on their side, and she is doing the very same thing by giving others advice. Living proof and not trying to throw others under the bus.

All the time, she is up to something great to keep up with her lifestyle through sharing it on social media, and even her followers are surely expecting something great from her. She has a huge lifestyle opportunity that other people do not have.


She is not looking to disappoint anytime soon and it is a competition to have a great lifestyle all the time. It is also for likes and comments as they are in love with getting famous through their social media accounts. Anyone can do it, but it is not easier for an expensive lifestyle.

Your thoughts?

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