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I Found This Under My Boyfriend's Bed Should I Be Worried (see pics)

Although having a child while one is still at secondary school does always imply that the mother and father will certainly to spend the rest of their lives together considering the fact that we always see a lot of high school relationship die out a few years after leaving high school. Well id say mine and my baby mama is one of these few who are nevertheless kicking even 5 years after excessive school.

But that doesn't mean we gave been cruzing nicely all along we have honestly had our honest share of troubles which we managed to overcome over the past few years.But then there is this one-time where I visited him and when he left for work I decided that to keep myself busy with some cleaning,, but I determined something very stressful whilst I was nevertheless on that.

This is what I observed underneath his bed.See the pic attached below.

Well the man have by no means cheated on me or given me a motive to suspect that he is a boyfriend who Is capable of doing it, but discovering this package in his room left me with the concept that he may have cheated with any one he does not believe for this reason he took the tests. But when I asked him about it and what it used to be doing in his room, this is what he had to say. Read the chats below.

As you can see, the man looks to be positive that it used to be that of his sibling on account that they share the room when the other sibling is in town. Would it be a amazing concept to shelf all these suspicions I have for him,, or I need to just begin being watchful of his moves? Leave some comments below 

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