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Tips on how to attract mature successful guys


 When it comes to getting to know someone, first impressions speak volumes, especially with a guy you might be interested in. you like 


 If you want to make a good impression on this guy, don't be afraid to make a fool of yourself. Be nice and polite, and if you are embarrassed, forget about it and don't do it. Don't give up right away. 


 When you come face to face with him, avoid being shy and gentle, and don't be overconfident either. Be polite, cool and casual at the same time. Remember that you want to be reachable. 


 If this guy thinks, "Wow, I want to see her and talk to her again," then you did a good job. 


 Being unique is an important part of making a good impression on the man you like. This doesn't mean that you should try to stand out by standing out. you are not a real person. Instead, look for what makes you special and different from others. 


 The more you show your individuality, the more you stand out from the crowd, even from the type you like. If you show what makes you different from the others, how can this guy not notice? 


 Think about what makes you different from others. Is it your brain Your sense of style? Or something else that is important to you? Maybe you have a big heart or a great sense of humour that always makes people laugh. 


 Whatever makes you special, find out what it is and don't be afraid to wear it proudly on your sleeve. This uniqueness of you will help the guy take care of you and remind you of what sets you apart, not what makes you like everyone else. 


 Even if you want a man to look out for you, don't show it too much. Despair isn't attractive, and it can easily turn into a twist if you show too much interest. out for him. 


 Make sure you give him room to breathe. He shouldn't feel choked and bombarded by your presence. 


 You could be so nervous around this guy that you end up acting desperately without realizing it. Here are some examples of how to act desperate with a man. 


 If you're always looking for compliments, it is a sign that you are acting desperately. While you should show interest in this guy, you shouldn't appear overly anxious either. You want to show that you value yourself. 


 Avoid bombarding him with text messages as it could be overwhelming for him. Choking this guy off prematurely may make you look too desperate and controlling. 


 Don't try to appear too intimate right away. Flirting with him and touching him lightly is one thing, but doing it consistently will show that you can be insecure and possessive. 


 These are just a few examples of desperate action. If you have friends around you, they can often let you know when your behaviour becomes desperate as they seek out your best interests. 




 These days, social media can play a huge role in when you want to get to know someone, and it's also effective when you want someone to get to know you. From blog posts to pictures, this guy will know more about your life and interests. Get their attention with your social media accounts. 


 There are too many things on the internet that can put off rather than attract a guy. If you're too vain and full of drama, you may not get the positive attention from him that you are looking for. 

 Constantly taking selfies and being overly obsessed with how you look can indicate that you are vain and self-centred. And constantly ranting online and arguing publicly with others will tell you the drama haunts you everywhere. , also avoid drama. 


 Social networks allow you to share yourself with others. Let people know what shows you are watching and what you have in mind. This will help them pay more attention to you, and you may even discover some common interests. 

 When the guy you like knows more about you, he will have more opportunities to talk to you about your life and interests. A real sign that you're getting closer is when you're sending private messages because that's so much more. more personal than speaking in a public online environment. 


 The internet can allow people to lower their vigilance. So when you interact with this guy on social media, you may feel less nervous about being funny, flirtatious, or being silly. This can give you the confidence to interact more with him. 


 Thank you for reading and please share.

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