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Gigi LaMayne Threatens To Take Her Own Life

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Gigi LaMayne born 7 July 1994 in Lenasia is a South African lady rapper and poet. The multi-award-prevailing hip-hop artist also writes songs. She has managed to develop her fan base inside the aggressive wonderful circle.

The hits she has launched since she entered the industry have helped her gain ground. Among different lady rappers South Africa has produced, she is proof that what men can do, girls could do higher.

Reality suggests that cyberbullied victims normally go through psychological troubles consisting of despair, loneliness, low vanity, college phobias, and social tension.

However, it's far true whilst they say this era of technology has its pros and cons. In maximum instances, most people will become sufferers of becoming bullied thru social media platforms and currently, Mzansi's famous rapper Gigi LaMayne has fallen victim of such.

The rapper sparked concerns while considering taking her very own life after she published an Instagram Story that study: “It hits harder at night time when you’re alone”.

While addressing the grievance she acquired after her video with Inno Morolong, Gigi Lamayne claimed she became “now not strong enough” to reply to cope with cyberbullies. The entertainer recently came forward about her long history with depression and anxiety, as well as being a victim of bullying.

She persisted: “I struggled with being bullied my entire life. When I determined to do music, it just became worse.

She delivered in the video: “I thought so much in the past few days of taking my own life and I’ve been here before. I don’t like to play the sufferer. When you spot me like this recognize that I don’t want to be like this, she continued.

“I have prayed to my ancestors for the past few days and I requested them to prevent me from any harm. I need you guys to pray for me because I am no longer ok. Please be strong for me, she said.


Since most children and young adults access the internet via their mobile devices, this is the most common medium through which they experience this type of harassment. Cyberbullying statistics show that Instagram is the most common platform for cyberbullying. We can only pray that Gigi remain strong through these difficult times.

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