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Sad News RIP: Covid-19 Claims A Pregnant Woman

As we all know that currently Covid-19 is one of the deadliest diseases, it's sad for me to inform you that Covid-19 has claim a life of a pregnant lady, but the only positive news about this tragedy is that the child so far under serious medical attention the baby is still alive but it is a premature baby.

You have to ask yourself some serious questions about this tragedy that how will you rest in peace knowing that you just left a premature baby behind, the mother of the pregnant lady she was of the opinion that if her daughter got vaccinated she would still be with us, as we all know that vaccine strengthen your immune system.

So far the baby is doing well, so far I have to state that even though this case is unique they're a lot of ladies who lost their lives under similar conditions, worst case scenario your baby might not make it the scientist are working hard to ensure that everything goes back to normal but we also have to play our role by getting a vaccine it's not like it's expensive it is provided for free by the government... May her soul continue to rest in eternal peace, Covid-19 has brought nothing but misery in our lives.


Content created and supplied by: Kk_Ledwaba (via Opera News )

Covid-19 Sad News RIP


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