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Calls that Jacob Zuma has arrived in Nkandla. A close allay confirms.

Jacob Zuma has been long awaited by his supporters and families. Jacob Zuma’s ally, by the name Sphithiphithi Evaluator on her twitter account, has confirmed the release of Jacob Zuma, but she is saddened that she won't be able to welcome him properly, since she was once arrested for inciting violence in South Africa. Sphithiphithi Evaluator keeps on updating South Africans, about Jacob Zuma. Jacob Zuma has been in hospital since his medical parole was approved by Arthur Fraser. It was not well known when he would be discharged, since he suffered from trauma, as medical experts confirmed. The wait is over now. Those who have been praying, supporting and hoping that justice will be served one day for Jacob Zuma, have won. Jacob Zuma has been in prison and military hospital since July 2021. He was arrested for not taking the court order and failing to appear at the Zondo Commission, where he was interrogated for his corruption dealings. It was stipulated that Jacob Zuma misused his power and never thought that he would be punished. According to the South Africa constitution, no one is above the law. It does not matter the position you hold, or the level of education you have attained, you will be treated as an ordinary citizen. ImageSee the source image

His departure from the military hospital, where he has been held, after he was declared sick, is well welcomed by his supporters. Being close to his family will bring back his confidence and probably improve health wise. An old man who has been arrested without a trial finally wins. Although Jacob Zuma is not delighted with the treatment he has been receiving from the authorities and the justice system of South Africa. Things are better, as he can peacefully spend nights in his comfortable home in Nkandla.


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