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Meet Top Mzansi Celebrities With Chronic Health Conditions

A chronic disease is a medical illness that typically need long-term treatment and care over a period of years, and is defined as follows: A number of diseases are well-known, such as arthritis and diabetes, but many people have become more aware in recent years, sometimes as a result of a celebrity making their condition public.

Numerous celebrities are utilising their platforms to raise money and awareness for their ailments despite the fact that they are suffering from it.

Leleti Khumalo

A sufferer of Vitiligo, a rare skin condition, she has a tan on her face and hands. Leleti Khumalo's skin was aching for years as a result of the virus, which she had for years. Nevertheless, after more study, she found how to deal with her disease. Every step of the way, she has remained committed to her responsibilities Furthermore, she contributes to the publishing of information about this condition.

However, while the exact cause is still unknown, researchers believe that genetics may play a role in this. People who come from families where thyroid disease, diabetes, and vitiligo are more common appear to be more susceptible to developing this condition.

Thembalethu Ntuli

Former Rhythm City actor Themba Ntuli is thirty years old and hails from South Africa. In spite of his briefness, The appears to be a married individual. A deficiency in growth hormones was present at birth in Themba, causing it to grow at a slower rate than expected. Throughout his childhood, Themba learnt to embrace himself for who he truly was.

A hormone deficit predisposing Ntuli to growth retardation caused him to look as a 12-year-old boy when he was born.

Warren Masemola

He is unable to grow hair on any part of his body. His hair had stopped growing 25 years before Alopecia was identified. The name Montloana was given to Warren by his grandmother, and he prefers not to use it in the entertainment industry since it is too emotive. Blindness ran in his family, as did his father's parents.

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