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" This Score Looks Familiar " - This Has Suprised Everyone

A kaizer chies fan have noticed something about the score that kaizer chiefs young sqaud has got. The score that kaizer chiefs junior got after playing with stellenbosch. It was the very same score that tge senior team has got when they were pmaying against royal am. This has shocked everyone.

As now we could be asking ourselves that why these both teams get the same score. It seems like the both teams are having the same problem. Beacsue the fans are shocked to see that both of their teams are getting the same score. Sad part is that they are both losing.

Check the comment below.

You can see that in comment the fan is shocked that the the score looks familiar. Infact it is the very same score that the senior team has also got. The main question that could be on everyones head could be that. Will the problems that the both teams have grow even bigger.

Because this is unsual that both teams of the same brand get the same score. You really can't blame the fans from being shocked. This is not something that usually happens. That is why most of them are asking themselves why is that happening.

The fan have said it quietly and shocked that the score looks familiar. At the very same time he could be asking himself why would that even happen. This is really shocking because we are not used to it. That both teams if the same brand get to lose with the very same score.

The fan is really shocked to reveal that the score really looks familiar. And what could be causing that. Because problems of two teams are never the same. Then why would both teams of the same brand get a familiar score. That is what is shocking most of the fans.

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