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Unfinished multi million Bridge project under J. Zuma exposed. See what was written on these rocks

The residents of Mpumalanga are complaining about an unfinished project that was started over 6 years ago. It has been alleged that the project started under the regime of the former president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma. It shows that corruption was a rife under Jacob Zuma, and it is the duty of Ramaphosa to clean the mess, and create an ANC that will work for people. The tender to build a bridge between Balfour and Standarton is still standing, after many years. The residents do not know the reason behind the termination of these projects. Since the ANC is famously known for corruption, there is no doubt that the money meant to complete this project was stolen. However, no one has been held accountable for this unfinished project. These projects cost millions of rands, and the government officials are benefiting at the expense of poor residents, with the intentions of wanting to help them. 

The African National Congress (ANC) is exposed for its incompetence and lack of care for the residents. Mpumalanga is a province that seems to be at a peak when it comes to corruption. The residents of Standerton have reminded South Africans of the cruelty that the ANC has put them through. Millions of rands meant to help people with bridges and make their journeys less and efficient, are disastrous. The plan to build a firm bridge is to reduce the likelihood that residents are susceptible to car accidents and drawing from floods and other natural disasters. In this regard, the failure to accomplish all this tenders in time, shows the lack of interest by the ruling party, to prioritize the needs of the residents.See the source image

This bridge has been standing for over 5 years. Some of the materials used to build this bridge were vandalized. “Wawungcono Zuma” meaning Jacob Zuma was much better. People might be comparing the current regime with the regime under Jacob Zuma. It can also be an ironic statement, since the bridge was built when Zuma was in charge. The battle to see a better president out of the previous ones continues. See the source imageImage


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