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Rasta Strikes Again (see what he did now)

Looking back at the past 2-3 weeks a lot of our social media platforms was flooded with the sad news of the passing of former president FW de klerk after he has been sick for a long time, Well as bad as it is to loose a person some people saw that while passing of former present as q joke and a good thing due to the fact that they were still not okay with all that has happened during apartheid.

Well although a lot of blacks were impressed and making jokes and memes regarding the death of Mr FW De klerk on Zimbabwean's paint artist located in South Africa now saw no joke at that while passing incident of former president, Rasta felt the pain everyone always feels whenever they loose a loved one or a political figure so now with things being that way Rasta went to studio and did what he does best. At first, he did this Portrait

Doing this Portrait had people sending some insults to him and other sorts of comments showing that they are unimpressed with what he has just done, Read some of those comments in the screenshots attached below.

So regardless of all this bad vibes being sent to him Rasta went and did another Portraits even after he was attacked, and the latest one looked like this (Refer to the pic attached below)

As usual people did not like this, and they disapproved it the very same way those did with the first one he did earlier this week. Refer to the screenshots attached below to see what people had to say about this latest portraits he did.

Reading a anger motivated people from tweeter, do you think that all this people are being fair by being angry at Rasta for drawing former present FW De Klerk, I mean look at it this way, Rasta is originally from Zimbabwean so whatever happened during the apartheid days in mzansi does not concern him since he was not even here. What's your take on this situation? Please write us some answers in the comments section below and while you are at that please do see to it that you follow my account for further news and updates

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