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Connie Ferguson Is Not At Peace At All -Heres Why

Connie Ferguson Left Mzansi Speechless After She Left Heart Broken Message 

Connie Ferguson left mzansi heart broken after she composed lamentable back rubs in Instagram. Shona Ferguson's unforeseen passing shook media outlets and his fans, both all over. It been two months since the Passing of her better half and sje has recalls her significant other Shona. Shona was her better half for a long time. Shona wedded Connie, the skilled entertainer, in November 2001. They have been together and has children together. Connie was hitched to Neo Matsunyane and had brought forth her oldest girl Lesedi Matsunyane. Shona raised Lesedi as her natural dad, and the majority of their fans consistently thought he sired her. Demise isn't something you can simply awaken and neglect. 

It's been two months since entertainer and eminent film maker, Shona Ferguson died. Entertainer and finance manager Connie Ferguson took to Instagram to recollect her better half. With subtitle: 

"2 months… 🕊🕊🕊🤍. 

Today was an intense day. I required a major embrace from paradise. By His effortlessness I figured out how to get past work, and I was reminded that His force is made amazing in weakness.🙏🏾 Grateful for His affection and mercy.🙏🏾 





Grant winning entertainer and film maker Aaron Arthur Ferguson, also called Shona Ferguson died on 30 July this year. Shona Ferguson, or Uncle Shona, was a lofty film maker, business financial backer, performer, life partner and father. He by and large had a fascinating technique for drawing your thought, starting from his charming looks as far as anyone is concerned and energy. Shona Ferguson's record uncovered the legend that he was.

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