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Will Lehasa take his heir away?click to read more

Will Lehasa take the baby away?

Pretty has been finding hard to process the fact the she is expecting a baby and she also needs to further her studies. She thinks that her baby will be hands on and not getting any time to focus on her studies.

Lehasa has been ready to have a baby since day one, it is just that his baby is coming while he just found a new love which makes things difficult for him.

What will happen if Lehasa convince Pretty to give him the baby and let Pretty focus on her studies fully. We know Lehasa he always schemes he can end up taking the baby forever because he will be the heir to the family businesses.

Will MaNtuli allow it?

There two possible chances because she is currently worried about how are they going to support Pretty's baby.

Lehasa is a very unpredictable man.


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