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UthandoNesthembu: Should Mseleku Set Makhumalo Free After This?

A relationship is said to be better when it only involves those who are in it. However, it seems as though once you are in a polygamous relationship, it becomes everyone's business. When you are unable to fulfill some of the duties as a wife, it becomes something that everyone you are married along with in that marriage is involved.

There has been a number of times when viewers didn't understand some of the things that take place in a Polygamous relationship. They learn something new with each episode.

One of the persisting issues seem to be the issue of the third wife, Makhumalo not having a child. Mseleku has previously refused to do things the western way, and said it goes against his tradition. However, he keeps reminding her that she doesn't have a child even when he is not saying it directly to her. It would be better if he just releases her from the marriage if he feels she is not doing enough for him. 

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