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OPINION - Reasons why crime increases on daily basis in South Africa

South African crime increases on daily basis in front of police officers. There are certain reasons why this happens and if this reasons can not stop, South Africa will never have peace.

Firstly Polices are the most dishonest people in South Africa, which lead to high rates of crimes and increasing of gang members. This is caused by one reason of which it will be stated at the bottom of the article.

Secondly, South African Police always take bribed known as "Tjotjo". This bribes are taken from drug dealers and gungstars who bribe with more than R10 000 of which it is constable monthly Wages.

Thirdly, Their jobs are most dangerous jobs with small pays that make them not to do proper job due to bad service from the government. The most people who should be paid fat salaries are the less earners in Government. Of which it also make them not to do their proper jobs.

Police Officers Should be paid minimum of R30k per month, so that they can do their proper jobs. The reason why the do not do their jobs is, they have Lot of responsibilities, of which their pays can not take care of, and they work with their life's, of which it is possible for them not to come back home the following day.

When they get a bribe, it makes it easier for them to solve their problems

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